Episode TWO

Travel with the Aspire Racing team to Rochester, New York, for the first UCI race of the season. Jeremy Powers, Ellen Noble and Spencer Petrov—along with the team mechanics and manager—are figuring out how the new team dynamics work, making space for each other in the kitchen, perfecting bike measurements and dialing in tire pressure… And that’s all before the racing starts. (Jeremy also shows us his Brachiosaurus imitation, but you have to see it to appreciate it fully.) In Episode 1, we got to meet the case of characters that make up the Aspire Racing Edition of Behind THE Barriers. But now, it’s game time. Once the whistle blows, we get to see Ellen take her first C1 win, then we see Jeremy hit the podium and Spencer finish 4th in his best C1 race to date. Jeremy also interviews Belgian rider Rob Peeters post-race, and he and Spencer hit a grocery store and almostttt come home with a gallon of hot sauce. The season has officially started, the team has bonded, and this episode is the first chance viewers are getting to see the full Aspire team doing what they do best. Next up is the first World Cup of the season at JingleCross, so stay tuned!

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